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Click on a rental policy for more details
License Verification Requirements
Yellow Car Rental reserves the right to perform driver’s license verification for primary and additional drivers. This verification is mandatory for luxury and Exotic car rentals and may also be performed randomly for other fleet. A fee of $7.95 will apply for each verification

407 - ETR/Traffic ticket
Please be advised If you use 407 ETR or if you are being involved in infracting any traffic law or rule during the rental period and we receive any 407 ETR bill or any notice of impending conviction of the infraction; at our office for you after the rental period, a minimum of $35.00 will apply as an administration fee, in addition to the accumulated cost of applicable toll charges and/or the set fine amount of the ticket.

Your credit card will be charged by YELLOW CAR RENTAL, within 5 working day from the date we receive any such charges and you will be inform accordingly in due course of time, if need be.

Thank You

Exotic / Luxury Cars Deposit
All Exotic and Luxury car rentals require a $2500.00 tp $5000.00 deposit on a credit card

Hours of operation & provision of shuttle service
Our locations operating hours for our local customers are listed below, but special arrangements could be made to pick and drop our international customers, 24 hours, 7 days aweek, at no additional charge.

Mon - Fri : 09:00 hrs - 19:00 hrs
Saturday : 09:30 hrs - 14:00 hrs
Sunday : Closed

No smoking vehicles
All our rental vehicles are no smoking vehicles. If any rented vehicle is returned with smoke smell in it, a detailing/cleaning charge of $175 minimum to $500 maximum, will apply.

Fuel obligations
Fuel level of the rented vehicle have to be return at the same fuel level as it was received at the time of check out. The renters are obligated to follow the fuel obligation to avoid refuelling charges. A $10.00 charge will apply, plus the cost of fuel will be applied if fuel is not returned at same level.

Millage Limitations
Unlimited KM special packages to USA and Canada are available, but minimum 3 days rental is required to get these packages. Unlimited mileage package does apply to all of our vehicles.

You can choose optional unlimited mileage packages from:

1. Call for Unlimited Mileage to USA
2. Unlimited Mileage Canada
3. $80.00/ each 500 km package.

Or if your requirement is not fulffilled with these unlimited packages then:

You can choose the daily KM package. In this package customer will have certain free km allowed per day, after those free km the customer will be charged for the extra km, over driven @ .14c/km to .20c/km, depending on the type of the vehicle, selected.

Out of Province/Cross Boarder rental
The destination must be mentioned at the time of the rental, as there are nominal one time charges of $4.95 & $9.99, on vehicles traveling outside of Ontario and outside of Canada, respectively. Failure to do so, a penalty upto $500.00 may apply on the return of the rental. It may also void any CDW/LDW purchased, and the renter may be charged with half of the rental or $500; which ever is greater, in penalties, in addition to the damages caused to the vehicle.

Loss & Damage waiver/ Collision & Demage waiver (LDW/CDW)
Any customer who wishes to decline our LDWCDW (Loss/Collision & Demage waiver) packages; must present documentry proof of personal LDW/CDW insurance at the rental counter at the time of pickup.

For customers using their credit cards as insurance, must check with their respective companies for liability coverage. A mandatory charge of $8.99/day applies for lack of liability or 3rd party coverage.

Please note credit cards only covers collision and damage to the vehicle through their CDW policy and not damage to any property or 3rd party. Credit card coverage only extends to the vehicle and not to any persons involved. Please contact your credit card insurance provider for more info.

Pick-ups and Drop-offs
No Charge Pick-ups and drop-offs within radius of 10 kilometers. Shuttle service is provided to Pick-up and drop-off, our airport customers.

License types & obligation
In Ontario, there are 14 different licence classes. Each one qualifies you to drive a different type of vehicle. The class of licence you have must match the type of vehicle you are driving; whether it is within Ontario, any other province of Canada or across the border. This is entirely the renter's responsibility to understand the licence class he/she is holding and the type of vehicle he/she can drive with that licence.

We accept all local and all valid international drivers licenses. Drivers licences with restrictions must check with their local province/state laws. Any distinct difference between the allowed and intended use of the driving licence may result in decling to rent the vehicle. You cann't rent car on G2 Licence

Please note that for security reasons, we may request upto 3 ID's, including 2 pictures ID's.

Additional Driver
additional drivers permitted at an additional charge of $6.99 per daily (per additional driver)

Payment Methods
Yellow Car Rental accepts the following methods of payment:
Debit Card, VISA , Master Card, AMEX, JCB, Cash

Age Requirements
Minimum Age: 23
Age 23 to 25
Age 26 and over
Minimum Age: 23 Age 25 and under are considered underage drivers and an additional charge of $9.99/day applies to all underage drivers.

Additional Drivers
additional drivers permitted an additional charge of $ 9.99 applies per day(per additional driver)
Minimum Age for Additional Drivers: 23
any number of additional drivers can be added to any of our vehicles at a cost of $9.99/day. Minimum age for any additional drivers is required to be over 23 years.

Deposit Requirements
Cash deposits are not accepted.
Yellow Car Rental accepts the following rental deposits:
VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover

Payment Methods
Yellow Car Rental accepts the following methods of payment:
Debit Card, Traveler's Cheques, VISA Check, VISA, Master Card, Discover, JCB, Cash

Cancelation Policy
All cancellations are subjected to a one day rental charge. Cancellations must be submitted 72 hrs prior to pickup time to avoid full rental charge as per reservation. This applies for compact, mid-size, full size, and premium cars. Due to high demand on our fleet during high season, (May 15 - Sep 30) all cancellations on confirmed reservations are subjected to full rental charges as per the reservation. This applies for Minivans, SUVs, luxury & exotic vehicles, convertibles and moving trucks. THERE IS NO CANCELLATION ON CONFIRMED RESERVATION FOR 7, 8, 10 & 12 PASSENGER VEHICLES, all cancellation on these vehicles reservations are subject to full rental charge; sorry, no exceptions. In some cases, company may, on its discretion give some discount on the charges. No-shows are subject to full rental charges as per the reservation.

Insurance and Coverage
Collision/Liability & Damage Waiver NOTE: For 10,12 Seater van and specialty vehicles insurance coverage call 1-877-361-8705. Personal vehicle Insurance may have transferable coverage to a rental vehicle or check your credit card company for coverage. Proof of personal coverage is required if declining our CDW/LDW. If renter is unable to provide such proof, the purchase of one of our collision damage packages would be required. If CDW/LDW is declined, you personally assume full responsibility for the total cash value of the vehicle or any damages incurred while rented to you. Tire and Windshield Waiver ($0 Deductible) This coverage reduces your financial responsibility for any damages to either the tire or windshield of the vehicle to $150.00

Geographic Restrictions
We allow outside Ontario, conditions apply.

Pre Paid Rentals
If in any case, because of any valid reason, the renter wants to do the key dropoff in the absence of the rental agency representative, then the renter has to pre-pay the amount for the length of the rental, in addition to the certain pre-authorized amount that will also be on hold for certain period to take care of any other miscellaneous charges that may arrise after the rental is checked in.